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Refreshments througout the Conference

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Friday Night Meet & Greet with Hors d'oeurves and Refreshments 

Sarah's Laughter "Trust God Not Google" Shirt & Mug



Many hearts are broken by miscarriage and stillbirth. Too many times, precious babies are not honored or remembered because words simply fail or we don't know exactly what to say or do. If there is a baby you would like to honor and remember, we invite you to join us at The Hope Narrative on August 11th, 2018. Part of this amazing conference will be a Memorial Service honoring Miscarried & Stillborn Babies. This service will include a live butterfly release. It will be our great privilege to remember your babies with you. We would love to have you for the entire conference, but if you only want to attend the Memorial Service that is fine too. Either way, please register. 

Please note--there is NO COST to attend the Memorial Service, but we do need you to register so that we can prepare for your family.


Sarah's Laughter will be donating a Cuddle Cot to a hospital and invites you to participate in the project by donating in honor of your baby.


Flexmort’s CuddleCot has been internationally recognized across the world as significantly helping parents who suffer the loss of a baby. Dealing with the death of a baby is clearly an incredibly difficult event for parents, and bereaved parents should be given the option of spending time with their baby. This is usually in the hospital maternity/labor ward or hospice, but increasingly babies are also being allowed home. Providing families time through the use of the CuddleCot is internationally encouraged by midwives, bereavement practitioners, still birth/neonatal charities, and academics. Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby, whether changing a nappy, dressing the baby, taking photographs or simply just staying close and this helps families in dealing with their loss.

The CuddleCot system cools baby allowing families to stay with their baby before being moved to the morgue and is in use in thousands of hospitals across the world. The CuddleCot is highlighted by US academics as allowing families to provide after-death care to their babies. 

The CuddleCo™ cooling pad is placed in any Moses basket, crib, bed or other receptacle. It is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot cooling unit. The CuddleCot system comes in its own carry case with two sizes of cooling pad for premature and full term babies. The CuddleCot cools to an ideal temperature for preserving baby without being too cold for the parents.